Thursday, October 15, 2009

A rose by any other name...

Now i had an experience today that caused me to do a bit of pondering, self-evaluation in a way.

I was talking to a girl at work when all of a sudden this other girl walks up and starts talking to her. The first thing that entered my mind was "excuse me!....slappa!". Then it occured to me, i was in my work gear and i may possibly look a bit like a sex offender. If you've ever seen me in my work gear you'll understand. So then i was like "fair enough, i'd probs ignore me to". Then i looked over at her (which up to this point i had not done), and to my surprize she was incredibly atractive, like, hot as! So i continued looking...but to avoid achieving creepy status with a stalker like stare (not my style), i pretended to watch the TV over her shoulder and every now and then slyly threw my glance in her direction. I was rather enjoying myself due to my percieved skill at perving and her very asthetically pleasing countenance.

As time passed i guess my friend cottoned on to the fact that she hadn't introduced us and that it could possibly be awkward for me. It wasn't. So she did the wierd forced intro. The sure-fire way to ease any awkwardness....not! I didn't really hear her name properly, but it sounded a bit exotic, so i asked her. She said it again, Roberta. And in an instant she went from being the hotty of my dreams to the 80 year old lady i used to go visit and entertain in a nursing home. Roberta! I dont know what happened but the small fact that she had an ugly name made her ugly in my head. It wasn't like her name was Clamidia or something. And Roberta is a fairly common 50+ year old women! But lets face it, it is a fairly unatractive name. I guess it's like calling a vanilla slice a snot block (schoolyard term) puts people off them. Now don't get me wrong, i don't claim to have rad name. Yule is one of my middle names for craps sake. And im sorry to all the Robertas out there, don't get angry at me, blame your parents.

So from that point on i was half expecting her to start calling me dearie and rattle her falsies. Her name ruined it all! So i guess Shakespear was wrong when he wrote the verse "Whats in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet" said by Juliet. I'm sure if Robertas name was something like Cloe or even Tiffany it would be a whole different ball game. This got me thinking. Does this mean im an incredibly superficial jerk? Or the fact that our intire incounter was based on superficialities (her ingoring me because i looked like crap and me stealthely checking her out and classing her from 1 to 10 in my head) mean that my harsh aprasel of her was just going along with the character of our breif meeting and was slightly justified? I believe, whether we like it or not, that we are all in some way shape or form, superficial. Even if its unconciously. Don't try and tell me that you've never walked through a shopping centre and thought "Jeez, I'm glad i dont look like that guy/girl" or " I'd like them if the rest of their face was as hot as their eyes". It's just the way it is. Some just embrace it more than others. ;)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mystery Cracking and Crosswords.

Today started out normal enough. Woke up feeling like death, had a 20 min shower then ran to the bus stop just in time. You know, the usual. Bought my morning energy drink sat at the desk and slowly sipped my deliciously frosty beverage. When, out of the corner of my eye i saw a couple of sheets of newspaper, being more curious than usual (i blame the choice of red bull over mother), i had a bit of a gander. To my disappointment it was just a page of crosswords from the weekend herald sun. I'v never been a fan of crosswords, i guess i never really understood them. But against my better judgement i gave it a second glance, being desperate for entertainment. And after a few minutes i found i was getting a few lines down, so my enthusiasm increased and what followed was 45 minutes of Alphabetical Rampaging!

It was like Me and Knowledge bacame one, like an intellectual MAGAZORD! Kicking the crap out of those little white squares one by one. And im not gonna lie, i googled some of the clues. But thats when i learnt more! Who ever new what a Newel was and that its the posts that holds up the balustrade on a staircase, or that a Vetch is the family of plants known as Tares in the Bible. I can honestly say iv never learnt so much in such a small amount of time. I almost broke a sweat!

So after my brilliantly educational feast i was sitting there feeling pretty happy with myself when the phone rang (scared the crap out of me to be honest). It was a guy from the salesfloor, he asked me if i could bring up a sound system. Oh, for those who dont know, i work in the warehouse at Harvey Norman in Greensborough. So i ducked upstairs in the warehouse to get the goods which just happened to be on the top level of our 3m high shelving. I got the ladder, climbed up, but it never occured to me that id been doing absolutly nothing all morning and that i may want to take it easy. i reached up to pull the HiFi down when i kinda lost my balance. I pulled the HiFi over my head for some reason and it kinda kept going.Then the magic happened! My shoulder made a breathtaking SNAP sound followed by a massive, and oh so painful POP, I guess Crackle just didnt want to come to the party....lame. I may, or may not have squeeled like a girl....Anyway, so i dropped the sound system (lets keep that between us), threw my arm forward and it just popped back into place. Luckey me. But for those brief few seconds i thought my arm had been ripped off. Over-reacting? Maybe....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The new, and hopefully improved.

So i guess its time for the cliche "be gentle, this is my first time" speech. But, yes this is my first ever blog. I'v never beeen one to record anything...ever. So i figured, What the hell, lets give it a stab. And plus, it may give me a chance to throw down a few thoughts and maybe get a bit deep...ish. Lets face it, im pretty much a what you see is what you get kind of person, so how deep can i be? But yes, I hope all who read this get their kicks and maybe a little bit of insight into yours truely. Enjoy!

P.S. If you've got issues with my spelling or grammer, get a hobby like scrapbooking, where you can sit around for hours whining to people who give a crap. ;)